Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City Review

511 Delaware Street Suite #100

Kansas City, MO 64105

(816) 912-2893

About Strategic Campaigns Inc

We are a group of highly motivated and dedicated entrepreneurs making a name for ourselves in the b2b sales and marketing industry.


We'll assess your needs and draw up a marketing campaign that targets your prime customers. We create the demand for your services or products...and then deliver.

Jobs at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City

Jobs at Strategic Campaigns Inc come highly recommended by,, and LinkedIn. What these websites don't tell you, is that all of these jobs are highly competitive and require a lot of hard work and discipline. A lot of people are looking for a thorough review of this company. Well, they're just going to have to keep waiting. We are a privately owned sales and marketing firm. We do not let our private company information out due to nondisclosure agreements with our clients. Our advertising and marketing blueprints have been highly guarded secrets. In fact, if a past employee divulges any information about their methods, they will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law regarding intellectual property rights.

What we can tell you is this...Strategic Campaigns Inc represents the nation's largest office supplier and also the nation's largest telecom company. The company's marketing is focused directly at the clients' target market. In order to reach customers, you can't just call them up anymore. They won't return your phone calls. In order to gain customer loyalty, you can't just send a thank you card. The methods that this company have used for years goes far and beyond your typical sales and marketing model. Their methods are better suited to reach customers that other companies haven't been able to acquire.

What does this mean about our jobs? Strategic Campaigns Inc jobs are challenging and rewarding. An entry level employee at the company is really put through the ringer. It may seem more like trial by fire at the end of the day, but this is all intended to train a person into the upper ranks of management. As our company looks to add more and more clients to the roster, many more employees will be required to take on their massive workload. The top performing employees will be put in management spots of those campaigns.

How quickly one can be expected to get promoted relies almost entirely on that person's work ethic, attitude, determination, and vision. While most managers at other companies "know" what it takes to succeed, our managers at Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City have all been in every single one of the positions that they manage.

Strategic Campaigns Inc Reviews

In this section, an employee of Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews what its like working with the management team. This person is now a managing partner in the organization and currently runs a location in Seattle, WA. "When I was working with Pedro in Kansas City, he really showed me how to "get the job done" and to just "figure it out." At the time, I thought he was being inconsiderate to my needs. Haha. I guess I've grown up a bit since then. He was really just teaching me to think for myself, handle problems the best way I saw fit, and to not make excuses. I owe a lot of my success today to what Pedro taught me early on in my career in sales and marketing." For more info on this managers progression, check out what he has to say on the Strategic Campaigns employee blog.

While there are in fact - MANY - employee reviews and testimonials from other managers who run these separate locations, what is important here is the legitimacy of the management opportunity. As employees work their way through this training program, management at Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews their candidacy for advancement based on performance and reliability. Although the company has a great working atmosphere and many employees consider the environment a home away from home, this matters not when it comes time for promotions. What matters is a person's individual performance. To see how this works in other sales and marketing industries, click here.

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